1st blog ever…I hope to help at least 1 person through my blogging!

Well guess I will just start off by telling you why I decided to start my blog.

3 1/2 years ago I woke up & I couldn’t talk properly, guess you could say I sounded an awful lot like a stroke patient (nothing wrong with stroke patients, I have a lot of family members whom have had them, myself included just never affected my speech) well I woke that day with not only that but kept twitching & moving a lot.  This really scared me pretty bad.  Off I went to the first doctor, he stated I must of had a stroke so testing started from that day on.  Well let me back up to 17 years ago, I had just been married at the time for a couple of years (my poor Husband) & I had a heart attack, several months later was having a thallium stress test & had 2nd heart attack.  This was December of 2000.  They immediately did open heart/bypass surgery.  Well during the next few years had 3 other heart attacks & lots of stents.  During this time I was having seizures on a regular basis, they had me on 28 different medications, some to slow my heart, speed my heart, regulate it, meds for seizures, diabetes, strokes & by this time depression.  Well my Husband & I discussed the meds in great detail at this time because 3 years of my life was a total blur, there is so many things I missed out on such as not even remembering one of my nieces being born, yes they say I was there but have no recollection of it at all, I call those 3 years my lost years…cause I will never get those moments back.  Well we live in Louisiana, so there is hurricanes here & Hurricane Rita struck, we knew I wouldn’t be able to get my meds during this time so hubby & I talked about it & I decided to get off all my medications, everything.  Seizures suddenly stopped, my life was suddenly my life again.  It was wonderful!!!   Several years later I was going to have the gastric by pass surgery & if any of you know you have to have several different types of doctors sign off on it.  So I started going to the appointments hubby in tow & the one day that was the heart doctors turn (which I hadn’t been to since got off all my meds) he came in the room in total utter shock that I was alive, he had thought I had passed away, my Husband asked why he would say such a thing, he stated look here at her records, I have stated she was in such bad shape due to the medications that I didn’t think she would make it another month, hmmmmm that month would of been right after I quit taking all the meds due to the hurricane.  Needless to say my Husband lost it, went on to tell him, he/they put me on all those meds & here you are saying they were physically killing her, he said yes that with heart docs, medical docs, diabetes docs that they all feel that the meds they have you on are totally necessary (crazy).

Well I have to run cook supper for the Husband I was referring to but will pick up where I left off tomorrow.

Thanx for reading so far


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