My family…


Well hey ya’ll!!!

I figured I’ve talked a whole lot about my family figured today I’d tell you about them.  I came from a family with 6 kiddos, phew Mom & Dad sure had their work cut out for them huh?  We had 5 girls & 1 boy, he was the youngest, poor thing didn’t have just 1 Mom growing up he had 6 ;( of us (at least thats what people would tell him while we were growing up).  He was a great younger brother to me, we were only 3 years apart. My first year in high school we moved to Baton Rouge, Mom, Dad, my brother & I (everyone else was grown & out of the house by then) his name was John, during our years there we became really good friends, cause at that time we really didn’t know anyone & we only had each other.  Didn’t take long to make new friends but we ended up with a lot of the same friends & that made it nice.  We moved home my senior year and by that time all our friends we had grown up with had moved on without us, so that year John & I hung out together.  I will always cherish those times.  He grew up & married and had 3 beautiful daughters, one of them was the one I talked about earlier, she passed away at the age of 18.  Boy that was such a terrible time for all of us, but John & his wife took it so bad.  They eventually had to move on the best they could because they still had 2 little ones at home, but he never really got passed it or should I say, couldn’t really ever accept it.  Cause you never can get through losing a child.  It’s just so out of line, you know you expect your grandparents, aunts & uncles, then your parents, then you, all way before your child.  But they did the best they could do under the circumstances, I guess is a better way to put it.  But then we lost John to heart disease (he also had open heart/bypass) a little over a year ago.  That I can’t seem to move past, but always try and remember he is with her now, but my heart stays so broken for his wife and other 2 daughters left behind.  Those poor girls have been through hell & back in their young lives, along with their Mom, it’s just awful.  I’ve tried to be there for them and with my health issues a lot of the times its so hard.  I try to talk/text with them every couple of days, but can’t wait for the day I can just get out and go over, be with them.  I just hope they know how much I Love them & would do anything in the world for them.  Well that’s my younger brother, then there is me.  The sister above me (3rd) is 4 years older than me, she’s married with 1 daughter & 2 beautiful/handsome grandsons. She also has heart disease (she also had open heart/bypass) she is pretty sick with her heart, has a lot of problems with it. But for the most part she gets around pretty good & loves to go fishing. She & I have gotten really close since January.   Then there is the next sister (4th) she is 6 years older than I, she is the one that lost her husband a week before my Mom, she never had any little ones, she has health issues, but sad part is she also has a drug addiction.  Last year she went through rehab a couple of times, since losing Mom & her husband, we were so worried/scared she would go backwards, but thank God she didn’t. She & I used to be really close, but through this last year I guess I’ve pulled away from her, it just hurt to see what she was doing to Mom, Mom having to watch her doing this to herself (she lived with my Mom) they moved in to take care of Mom during the nights, myself or one of my other sisters would be there during the day to care for Mom.  Also they moved in because they couldn’t afford to live on their own any longer & Mom had handicap accessibilities for my brother in law.  But the last year she wasn’t caring for Mom, matter of fact she would make Mom feel guilty cause she “was a burden” to my sister.  So with that & a few unmentionables I’ve been so angry with her.  I mean I feel so sorry for her for losing her spouse & Mom in the same week, much less, but I’m really working on getting passed the anger I have inside. But I do still love her, just hope one day I can just accept things & move past them.  Then there is the next sister (5th),  she is 9 years older than me.  She’s married, lives on the river in a beautiful house & has 3 gorgeous boys and now has 6 grandkids 2 boys & 4 girls.  She is an amazing grandmother.  She and I have never been per say close but have always loved each other. I guess there was such a big age difference.  She’s always kinda been the one that rules everything that happens in the family, kinda like all of our boss!  But she’s an awesome sister.  She lived about 4 hours away for years, so kinda didn’t really know her while I was growing up (the important years, like when your learning your way in the world), so I guess that’s why not as close as I am with the younger ones.  Then there is the oldest (6th), I like to say the eldest when we introduce each other to people, it drives her crazy 😉 she’s 10 years older than myself.  She lived away, up north till about 8 years ago, so needless to say it took a loooonnnngggg time to get the northern girl out of her and to get the southern girl back 😉 those of you who know there is a big difference having a northerner in a big family function of southerners. Lol but she’s finally back to a southern girl, sometimes the northern comes out, but not quiet as often anymore!  She’s married & has 1 daughter. I guess I can say I really didn’t know her well till we got older because she was grown, married & gone while I was growing up.  But glad to say all my sisters are finally all back home together again.  We all live within 15-20 minutes from each other.  So that’s wonderful!

Well that’s my siblings…people ask me what it’s like being from such a big family, well sometimes it’s wonderful, growing up you always had a friend, other times it’s total chaos!!!!!  But no matter what, I will always love my siblings & will always miss my lil’ brother ;(

Well till next time, Me


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