Terrible day yesterday for my lil’ man :(

Yesterday started out really early, brought my lil’ man TaZ to the groomers at 7.  Then had a few errons to run & went to my sisters for a while to help her with some things, technical stuff she doesn’t understand.  It was an all right day till the phone call at 4!!! TaZ my lil’ man is 6 years old & since he was 3 months old the day I bought him home, I had to go about 6 hours away to get him and he was full of fleas & poor baby stunk so bad, I had to find a place to have him groomed on the way home and he has gone to get groomed once a month since then, and have never had any problems with him/groomers nor has he ever come home hurt.  Well the groomer I’ve used here has changed owners a couple times in the last several years.  Well the latest owner has groomed him for prolly 2 years now & he loves going to her, he gets so excited when I tell him we’re going to get his shower today.  Well back in January the owner took maternity leave and hired a new groomer I will call her “M” (have a few choice words to call her but I won’t).  The first time I picked him up after she did him he had a cut on his belly about 2 1/2″ long on one side of his privates & several of the burn type marks on his belly on the other side, she said oh I’m so sorry it must be the brush I’m using next time I will use another, so I’ve gone there for years so thought well accidents happen, came home & started taking care of his booboos & got them better within a couple of days, well the next month went & picked him up & he had another cut 2″ long in about the same place, I was so upset “M” said she figured out what it was, said wasn’t the brush it was from the harness they use in the tub so she changed it & this shouldn’t happen again. Well I thought at least she’s being honest so I took him back, this hadn’t happened again but he hasn’t been quite as happy going but I thought maybe I was just making too much out of it, sooooooo the terrible Mom-ME took him for his appointment yesterday morning & she called about 4 yesterday afternoon said he is ready, she did the best she could do, that he was horrid! Needless to say I got there within a matter of minutes, furious because NOONE has ever said he was even bad, I mean he’s a dog & doesn’t like his paws touched but thats pretty normal, every one has always loved him & he them. Well on my way all I could think about is if I went to a hairdresser or doctor or anywhere and they hurt me I wouldn’t be good, I’d be scared to death of them.  Well needless to say I walked in got him, paid (which normally give a $10 tip, needless to say I so didn’t yesterday, now I look back shouldn’t of even paid, but I know thats not right either & I try to be an honest person) well I got him in the car, the 1st pic above is him when I picked him up & he looked ok as far as the cut kinda I guess, but he’s a Bichon Frise’ & their tales are always up and wagging, his was tucked between his legs, I cried the whole way home.  I got home apologizing to him for being the worst Mom in the world, I looked at his belly when I got home, I tried to get him to get on the bed so I could love on him (which he loves to do that, but I had to physically pick him up as he coward down) & that’s what I saw, (the pic above) I was livid, I got so upset I couldn’t hardly breath, I called my Mother in law crying asking for suggestions on what to do, (she takes her dog there as well) I told her I had to tell the owner but I hate getting anyone in trouble but my word this is our child, he is our world, so I took pics & about an hour and half later after calming my crying down a little bit, I took more pics & sent to her.  She got so upset & begged me to give her (owner) another chance, please don’t take him somewhere else.  I talked with my hubbs about it & he said we should cause she has always been so good to TaZ, so I told her if she PROMISED me that “M” would NEVER lay a hand on my dog, needless to say she texted back & said “M” was on the way out the door as we speak!!!  That makes us feel so much better, but at the same time I am worried that TaZ is going to be scared to death to even go back in that place period…;( this was all yesterday afternoon & his tail is not quite as tucked this am, goes up every now & then, but you can see in the bottom pic, which is just now, he cried so much yesterday that he has brown tear stains running down his face. This just breaks my heart so bad.  We are now waiting on the vets office to open to go in this am to have him checked out.  I don’t know how others feel about their pups but this one is our whole world!!!!

So needless to say that’s why I didn’t get to write in my blog yesterday, it just ended up being one of the worst afternoons for my lil’ man ever!!!  But we are fixing to leave to go to his doctor now, they open in about 10 minutes.  I will write more possibly when I get back later.  Yes shot has been taken all ready (errrrrr)

Till next time I hope ya’ll have a great day, Me (the terrible Mom of the day)


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