So far so good today!

Hey y’all!  Hope everyone is having a great day!

Yesterday I took TaZ to the vet they said he looked ok. Said that one spot on him possibly could get infected to keep a close eye on it. He checked every where to make sure no bruises or broken bones, only thing he noticed was his right eye was swollen 😡 in dogs if they have an infection or in this case, has been hit with a brush, it will make the eyeball itself swell. Makes me so sad 😭. But thank God no broken bones at least!  Said the booboos on belly were razor burns, I asked if could of been an accident, he said well one or two could of been, but as many an as severe as at least a few were it was no accident.  Makes me so mad 😡 I wish TaZ could talk to tell me everything.  Needless to say I drove by the place yesterday & she wasn’t there! Thank God!  The owner had told me that night it happened that “M” was on her way out the door as she was texting me, so I guess that’s a good thing. I feel bad to have had someone get fired, but if your in that profession you should love animals. If he was so “horrid” as she said he was she should of stopped & called me & I could of picked him up & groomed him myself or brought him elsewhere. But she didn’t give me that option she just abused him. I am not a mean person, people say I’m to nice, but in this case I sure hope someone pops her in the eye with a brush (or hammer) & burns her with a razor to show her how it feels & then she wouldn’t ever do this to another dog!!!!  I haven’t been that livid in a long time.

But I did learn through this that being mad is an emotion that makes Tourette’s & Fibromylgia a whole lot worse, and the mouth chewing, oh my word is awful now. I have so many cuts & sores in my mouth today from it. Yesterday & that night was pretty bad with all the shaking/tics, chewing. So guess I really need to work on that emotion as well. I’m hoping one day I will be able to control all of this. My 3rd sister & my aunt keep calling & texting cause I usually talk to the both of them at least once a day & I hadn’t done that in over a month.  For a month now I’ve had really bad stomack issues, went to my doc last week & he sent me to er cause I was dehydrated & had lost 14lbs.  So I really hadn’t wanted to be around anyone incase it was contagious 😷, but as well as don’t like being around people anymore anyways. So for a month now only left the house a couple of times. That kinda threw me into some kind of depression.  Hopefully all of this will get better soon, it’s driving me bonkers!  Hubbs works so much lately I’m home alone soooo much. Like today he was supposed to be off but had to go in at regular time. I don’t know if I like his new promotion so much anymore. But he did surprise me & came home early today & now he wants to go clothes shopping for he & I and out to eat. I know I’m terrible cause I don’t want to go, I just wanta stay home!  But I am trying to not let these illnesses affect our marriage. Sometimes it’s so hard & he’s been so wonderful with everything that I really have to push myself. He works 16 hour days & I know when he does finally get off he wants to do something. So guess I’m going to town shopping & to eat out. So guess I need to go get ready. Wish me luck lol

Well till next time y’all have a good one & thanx for reading. Me

PS (here’s my lil’ man saying hi everyone!)


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