Life again😒

Hey y’all hope everyone is having a good day!

Didn’t write yesterday, was sick all day. Guess immunity level is down & I catch everything. Hubbs had been sick with a cold & guess who ended up with it. Saturday I was starting to feel pretty rotten but hubbs wanted to go shopping, so I went & he surprised me, with some clothes shopping for me. He had told me he needed some shirts for work & when we got there he fessed up & said he knew I wouldn’t of gone if he wanted to buy me some. He’s so sweet but I sure wouldn’t of gone.  I don’t know what it is but shopping makes me so nervous now, I started shaking so bad I was embarrassed. He just walks along with me with his head held high!  I sure am one lucky lady to have found such an amazing man. I hadn’t figured out if it’s all the people that make me nervous or what but it can go away just as fast as it came!

It sucks so bad being sick lately with the stomach flu then this cold. My Mother-in-law just found out about a month ago that she has stage 4 cancer , she & my father-in-law had asked me to  help take care of her, like I had with my Mom but you can’t go around her if you have anything wrong that she could possibly catch. So I’m hoping all this will go away quick so I can be there for her. She has it in 3 parts of her body. It’s so sad. Cancer is just the devil!!!  My Dad passed away about 6 1/2 years ago to it, boy it’s sure rough on them. Makes me so sad.  My hubby took it really bad being we had just lost my Mom in January.  It’s so hard losing your parents. I think it hit me the hardest when I realized I don’t have my Mom or my Dad any longer. No matter how old you are you always need your parents 😢. 

Well I’ve rambled long enough for today. Hope you have a good night. Till later – Me


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