Hey y’all meet Lonny…

Pic is of My lil’ Lonny, he’s called a lawnmower Blenny!  He’s got a personality that is hilarious, we just got him a couple of weeks ago & I’m home everyday so I watch the 4 aquariums (my hubbs midlife crisis, much rather aquariums than other women, lol) a lot.  This is the only salt water one we have other 3 are fresh water.  Well I love to watch this one because it changes daily, the colors of everything.  When I go to front of it & he sees me he comes really fast up behind a rock stands on his fins & sticks out his chest at me over the rock then ducks his head an comes back, does it over & over then I go sit in the chair next to it he comes flying into this small hole in the rock & stares at me. Example:

He’s so ugly he’s cute with his big ol’ bushy eye brows.  I started googling & you tubing these fish & they are known for their dispositions.  I’m so glad we got him he’s company for me believe it or not. πŸ™ˆ

Well was pretty buzy yesterday, cleaned house and ran errands all day cause my girlies (our twin 13 year old granddaughters) were coming to stay for the weekend an I’m used of going to bed with the hubbs at 8:30-9 cause he goes to work at 3:45 am an needless to say the girlies favorite time to talk to Maw Maw is during the night, like this am was till 3.   So needless to say I knew I’d be useless in house this weekend running on just 2 hours max of sleep a night this weekend.  Now I have 2 sleepy heads that don’t want to get up & we allready brought tickets for a 10:45 showing this am to see Beauty & the Beast.  Maw Maw isn’t too excited to go but we are going to this new theater called a Bistro that you sit in recliners and order your food & drinks an they deliver it to you, full fledge meals.  So I do want to go experience that an it’s nice to spend time with the girls, and at least in a dark theater none of their friends will see their shakey grandma.  So that’s one good thing 😊.  

The hubbs ended up working again this weekend an that really sux.  I really am trying so hard to be the supportive wife with this new position but it’s really taking its toll on me.  Being alone so much (hence watching freaking fish aquariums all day πŸ™ˆ 🐟) just isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.  When he comes home I wanta talk cause I’ve been alone all day an the dog, bird & fish just don’t make really good conversationalist.  But he’s still so preoccupied with work that I end up not saying anything cause when I did at the beginning he doesn’t even respond or anything an that just hurts my feelings so I just quit, I say what I have to an that’s pretty much it.  Really sux cause if you knew me I Love to talk.  But hopefully one day it will calm down a little bit so we can have a life again togather.  Now he has a work laptop & has to work till goes to bed then gets up & starts all over again.  That’s all new to him, kinda rough on him cause he’s almost 59 an this is all new to him.  He’s been a boss for the last 20 some odd years but this is the big boss an totally different than what he’s done there for the last 40 years.  He made the comment a couple times now he’d retire if I couldn’t handle this an I tell him every time he’s worked for 40 years to get to this position & I surely wouldn’t take that away from him.  

Other thing that happened this past Wednesday, we had an awful storm hit us we got almost 13″ of rain it was crazy.  Thank God it didn’t get into our house, but it did get in a lot of our friends home that day an my 2nd to oldest sister lives out on the river, luckily they built a 2 story house cause the bottom floor flooded with about 6-8″ of water, thank God they knew chances of flooding due to prior flooding before built the 2 story & they made the bottom floor to where things are up higher an now can move important things to the second floor.  They were out of town till Thursday morning early an had to get to their house by jet skis an when they got there started picking everything up inside the water was up to their porch at that time, which is almost 6 foot off the ground she sent pic & they had the boat pulled up to porch and they are like almost 40′ from the river.  By that evening it was 3″ from going in, during night made its way in.  So sad 😭.  She said yesterday it was going down so that’s a big relief.  

Well gotta run kiddos are finally waking up so got to get them moving so we can get there on time.  Till later hope everyone has a great weekend. ~me


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