My lil’ man


Well hi y’all

I never thought I’d be doing this but I’m bringing my lil’ man back to the same place.  The owner contacted me for 2 weeks apologizing for what happened to TaZ.  She felt so bad about it, she really seemed genuinely concerned & I know it wasn’t her that tortured my lil’ man.  I did send pics & vets report to her  & the old owner an they reported her to the board & she was terminated.   So I decided to give her another try.  I’ve been a nervous wreck about it for the last few days am been up since midnight worrying.  I don’t know how he is going to react when we drive back up there.  I asked the vet his opinion he said he will prolly be scared to go anywhere now that does grooming but hopefully after the first time he sees they aren’t mean & abusive to him he will be ok just might take a couple of times going.  So I’m Praying that he does good.  I told the owner I will bring him in today but if he acts scared an she feels uncomfortable at all to please call me & I will find someone else to do him.  To me he’s my son an I can’t handle seeing him in the shape he’s been for the last month.  He’s never been scared of anything an now scared of everything.  😢  Poor lil’ man has been thorough the ringer this year, when Mom died he was right there with me at the head of her bed while I was laying on the bed across her chest when she took her last breath. After that he was traumatized for a while then to find out that he was being tortured through it all just breaks my heart in a zillion pieces an to know I’m the one that would bring him to that evil person.   So Praying he does good today an won’t hate me when I pick him up.

Well I gotta run bring him so say a quick Prayer if you read this that God will have his hands on him today an he will do good an won’t be tortured.  Till later ~ me


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