It’s been a while…

Just for some cuteness, I added a couple of pics ☝🏻TaZ on right & his great aunt (I guess you’d say) on the left in the top pic, opposite on the bottom one lol.  

Wow I looked backed been almost a month since I’ve written.  I guess life really gets in the way sometimes. Back to my favorite saying  “what life throws at you!”

Been fighting Fibromyalgia really bad, I’ve never had what they call “flair ups” so bad.  Had em’ for almost 2 1/2 weeks off & on more on than off, it would last several days at least.  Then it takes several days to get over it then it would start all over again.  I really didn’t know what was going on with me.   My glands swole up in places I didn’t even know I had glands, then the aching started felt like I had flu but with no other flu like symptoms, then inside it felt like I had run a marathon the biggest & longest you could do.   But if you know me that’s so not gonna happen I can’t run around back yard with lil’ ones much less a race πŸ™ˆ.   It was like all my muscles were torn & hurting.   Nothing was helping, I took ibuprofen, acetaminophen & extra pain pills, nothing helped. Soaked in tub of water forever seemed like & used a heating pad nothing helped.  I don’t know what brings them on but I Pray I will figure it out soon.   I went to my Rheumatologist office & was in the middle of a flair up & he looked at me an knew something was going on immediately.  I then started crying like a big ol’ baby in front of him telling him everything that had been going on, told him I was at the end of my rope I couldn’t do this anymore, he talked to me for a little while to calm me down then he did some testing & told me what was going on so finally I knew what the heck was happening & I knew I wasn’t losing my mind (well what’s left of it).   Well I left his office & went straight to the pharmacy with a new prescription I had never taken called Lyrica & within days could feel a gigantic difference.   Thank God!!!!   I had noticed I was mad, angry just pissed at the world no one in particular just everyone.   The doctor πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ explained it pretty well, he said think about it like this, if you have ex. Poison ivy – you itch so bad that all the scratching in the world doesn’t help & it makes you mad cause it’s not helping & you just keep scratching & scratching, he said it’s kinda the same (without scratching of course) but your insides, the nerve endings are just going crazy & like the poison ivy nothing is helping them so it does make you angry, depressed, sad.   So it really helped a lot learning that it was the Fibromyalgia flair ups & the Lyrica was a God send.   Within 4 days, I hadn’t realized before just how angry I was till the Lyrica then I realized I wasn’t as angry anymore I didn’t jump at anything someone said & bite their heads off any longer.   It feels pretty good to not be so angry anymore.  So if you are fighting with something & it has some of those symptoms go to doctor it sure helped me.  πŸ˜‰

Well as for TaZ he went to groomer & came out with tons of kisses 😘 & that was such a good feeling.  In the pics above he had just gotten groomed & looked amazing like the old TaZ man.  Makes my heart so happy.   As far as “M” she no longer works there & no longer has a license to groom anywhere for that fact.  If your a groomer you should love to be around animals good, bad, mean or upset ones at anytime. Just my opinion.  Just like child care workers you have to love children to be one so same goes for groomers.  But at least I know now my lil’ man is in good hands once again & I check him from head to toe now regardless.  If I have my way it won’t happen again.  

Well as for my Mother-in-law not such good news at her last chemo session she was told her cancer is getting worse & the chemo was making her symptoms worse as well so they stopped the chemo. 😒 The Hubbs is taking her tomorrow for testing to see just how far the cancer has spread & what the next steps will be, if any.   They say the cancer tumors in her stomach are just awful an there is so many that it has filled her stomach with them and there is so many that they don’t understand why her stomach doesn’t just hurt her constantly, but it doesn’t it’s her back & legs, her legs are about 3 times the size of normal & she has lost prolly 40 pounds or more.  She told me the other day that it feels like her legs can’t hold up her upper body anymore.   😒 They have taken her off pretty much all her regular everyday meds now which scares me to death cause that usually means it’s really close to the end.  Which that just breaks my heart so much it hurts.   I know I’ve said it a 1000 times but cancer just sucks, it’s the devil.   I saw her a couple days ago & it had been about a week since I saw her last & she looked like she had aged by at least 30 years in that short amount of time. 😒 Of course I told her she looked awesome & was still as pretty as she’s always been & she is but you can tell that it’s really taking its toll on her.   So if you read this & you Pray, please Pray for her she needs all the Prayers she can get.  Thanks in advance πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

Well Saturday night I prolly had a few to many fireballs & the Hubbs is on vacation for a week & half an we decided to just float around the pool.  And this is his first time that he was actually here with me without work on his mind.  He’s been off since last Thursday & ended up having to do work 10-12 hours a day till Saturday afternoon here at the house.  Well being it’s the first time in literally 6 months that he’s actually talked to me as a wife and listened to me, well I REALLY screwed up & told him everything I have been upset about & holding in for the last 6 months & that I was so tired of going through everything alone the loss of Mom, his Mom fighting cancer, me finding out about the Fibromyalgia, Tourette’s, Dystonia, Parkinsons, Hypothyroidism & everything else that is has been so scary & tramatic an I have needed my best friend the only one I had left & he hasn’t been here that if he’s home he’s on the phone with work or laptop that he’s here but he’s not.   Well he got pretty pissed walked away after saying how pissed he was so I got out dried off & came in an went to bed at 7:30 an cried myself to sleep.  Well yesterday morning he finally talked to me about it said that I had bomb barted him with it all at one time.  I apologized for that & told him it had all just built up till I finally exploded, I tried to explain my feelings as well he did too & it’s been better and today is the first time I’ve seen my real husband, the one I fell in love with 😍 he’s still in there.   I know prolly just till vacation ends but that’s ok at least he’s still in there.  He even cooked breakfast 🍳 for me 😌😌😌.

I’m gonna try to start writing again more often cause you never know just what life will throw at you!!! Hope everyone has a great week and is in good health.  ~me~


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